Spread The Word Bible College is an answered prayer for many Christians. Anyone who desires a greater knowledge and understanding of God’s Word, who seeks to further his education, and prepare for more effective Christian service can benefit as a Spread The Word student.

Admission Policies & Procedures

All students must be Bible-believing Christians and have demonstrated a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

To enter an undergraduate program, applicants are required to have a high school diploma or GED.

Those wishing to enter a Masters program must have a Bachelor’s degree or some form of Christian ministry major. STWBC requires those who have a secular Bachelor degree (not in Biblical or Christian ministry studies) to complete a second B.A. before proceeding to the Masters. This degree requires only 30 courses (90 credits). Most students complete it within 12 months.

Doctoral candidates must have earned degrees at the Bachelor and Master levels, and have an adequate background in Biblical studies and church activities.

All applicants are considered without regard to sex, race, handicap, or national origin.

Statement of Faith/Commitment to Personal Holiness

Students must agree to strive for personal holiness and separation from worldly living. This includes making a diligent effort to pray and to read God’s Word daily, to faithfully attend a Bible believing church and to honor the Lord by abstaining from sinful acts.

Statement of Understanding

I understand that Spread The Word Bible College is a religious school. Credits are not guaranteed to be accepted by secular or state-run programs.

Graduation Requirements

  • Completion of all required courses
  • A minimum grade point average of 2.0 for undergraduate students and 2.5 for graduate students.
  • All tuition, graduation and other fees paid

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