Students and Alumni Testimonials

Charles Misheal

Spread The Word Bible College is unique amongst others in Nigeria.

I have spent over a quarter of a century studying at different levels beginning with my formative years as a child and now as an adult, my experience at Spread The Word Bible College is beyond comparison.

From excellent tutors who are vast in theological knowledge, low cost studies, flexible study options, free materials for personal use and research, an understanding and caring management team who are genuinely interested in the success of every student.


Dr. Okpoho H.

STWBC is the best thing that has ever happen to me theologically. A positive influence to my leadership style.

Dr. Abiola A

Through Spread the Word Bible College, I have received a repositioning to serve the body of Christ better. My experience at STWBC has left a positive mark on my life and ministry, and changed my ministerial orientation positively and delivered the opportunity to project the Lord beyond former boundaries.


Mrs. Patience O.

This is one of the best place to be as far as Theological education is concerned.
Thank God I am part of those groomed at Spread The Word.




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