Participation in the Spread The Word Bible College student body is considered an integral part of Spread The Word program. Personal growth, servant leadership, and teamwork are experienced as students work together towards common goals. Through participation in the STW Student Body, students should:

Develop skill in working together in a team environment, in spite of individual differences in temperament, motives, background and commitment.
* Appreciate the importance of one’s personal responsibility to group life.
* Develop leadership skills and attitudes.
* Grow socially and spiritually through friendship and fellowship.

Conditions for Student Body Membership

  • Student body membership is required of all program students, as well as all students enrolled in at least six hours of classes and Practical Ministries.
  • As a student body member, students are required to comply with the Spread the Word outreach program.
  • Every student is also expected to contribute to the Bible Project.

Student Body Leadership

This leadership team ensure that the priorities of study, prayer, and service are evident in their individual lives. The leadership team meets regularly with the Director and Coordinator for fellowship, prayer, and planning.

  • Befriend people, introduce yourself, and smile!
  • Dress appropriately.

Student Body officers include president, Vice President, Secretary and treasurer. The Spread the Word President appoint a faculty advisor to be present at all meetings of the student council.      

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