The Distance Learning program is run separately from the Residence College although the policies and procedures are similar. Distance Learning students are not active participants of in-house classes but instead review material and submit work from their home.

This method of study has proven to be more effective type of correspondence. Our textbook and Workbooks provide a well balanced, Biblical educational experience. Studying at home has never been easier!

Distance Education

Provide flexible (longer or shorter) time frames for course completion and allow students to control scheduling of their course work.

Allow students in all certificate, diploma, and degree programs to complete their course requirements from a distance.

We are available to help you plan for your Bible  education. We want you to succeed!

Additional Information:

Study work consists of “Books and workbooks” questions, and the student is expected to participate in an activity or final for each course. Undergraduate Distance Learning students are allowed to take three courses per quarter; Graduate students take two courses per quarter. If a student shows academic proficiency with this load of work, he or she may be permitted to enroll in additional courses per quarter.

DIPLOMA, BACHELOR, MASTER, DOCTORATE in Theology, Pastoral Studies, Biblical Studies, Christian Counseling, Christian Education, Evangelism and Missions

A brief personal salvation testimony of how you came to know Jesus Christ as Saviour

All students are admitted into programs depending on placement after evaluation of past college transcripts, degrees, and ministry experience.

Accepted students become official students of Spread The Word Bible College after completing the down payment for the program for which they have been approved. In other words, students do not pay for individual classes but rather for their program.


What Our STUDENTs say

STWBC is the best thing that has ever happen to me theologically. A positive influence to my leadership style.

Dr. Okpoho Hope

I appreciate the good, Bible-based courses, and being able to work at home on my schedule.

Pastor Okoroafor Brightfrancis

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