Over 14,000 volumes of
Tapes and Books

The following information will be helpful to you as you use the library:

The library will be open Monday through  Saturday 8am – 5pm daily.

No book, record, tape, video, etc. is to leave the library for any reason.

Personal copies may be photocopied in the office.
Individuals using copyrighted materials must abide by the copyright laws.

1) The library at Spread the Word is dynamically embedded in the learning objectives of the institution. The Library offers a broad range of materials for the general and specific educational needs of students and faculty. The Library is open for use.

2)  The mission of the Library is to educate men and women of integrity. This will be accomplished by providing quality information resources and instructional services. The Bible College is responsible for graduating ministry leaders who will be able to navigate information effectively by drawing upon a base of quality information resources.

3)  The library facilities exist to provide a space for quiet study and research. Students are encouraged to collaborate with peers on research projects, but must be mindful of students using the facilities for quiet study.

4) The library aims to develop a collection of resources that best meet the needs of the College’s curriculum. These needs are defined as the practical and scholarly topics of interest for ministry preparation. Students should expect to discover resources that challenge their own ideas and should use discernment when analyzing the viewpoints.

5) The Library staff members are to be treated in a manner that glorifies Christ. The same etiquette involved in interacting with faculty should be applied to approaching library staff. Students are welcome to ask library staff for assistance.

6)  Food is not permitted in the library. Drinks are permitted as long as they have a lid; soda cans, water bottles, and coffee mugs are permissible. Open drinking cups are not permitted.

7)  Students and Faculty using cell phones will be asked to leave the library to make phone calls. Personal music devices are allowed on two conditions: the student uses headphones and the volume does not disrupt the quiet study of his/her peers.

8) Loud conversation is not permitted in the library. While the library staff encourage group study, library users should be mindful of their peers when conversing with others.

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