That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.  2 Timothy 3:17.

In addition to coursework, the experiential learning component is an integral part of our program of study at Spread The Word Bible College This component is fulfilled through a ministry practicum.

What Is a Ministry Practicum?

A ministry practicum is serving in the local church as part of a student’s overall learning. The purpose of the ministry practicum is to encourage students to develop in ministry and to gain valuable and practical experience serving in the local church.

First Semester. Students are required to serve 20 hours per semester to complete a ministry practicum. Students are evaluated and assigned to designated areas of service, where they receive training, coaching, mentoring and ongoing evaluation.

Second Semester. students are required to complete 30 hours per semester in an area of ministry specialization. Students are developed and equipped in their ministry gifts and callings by training with the ministries, departments and leadership. Satisfactory completion of the ministry practicum is a requirement for graduation.

Areas include:
Youth Ministry, Worship, Media and Production, College and Young Adults, Biblical Counseling and Pastoral Care, Church Administration, Men’s and Women’s Ministry, Missions and Outreach, and others.

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