The Faculty and Staff of Spread The Word Bible College is completely volunteer. Everyone from the President down to the office workers volunteers their time in order to help STWBC equip the saints for the work of the ministry. Their hard work and determination as volunteers is a part of what makes this college able to operate.


Office of the President

Rev. Dr. Godstime I. Evbota, B.B.S, B.E.M, M.E.M, D.Ed, DD.

Academic Administration

Dr. Emmanuel I. Uchechukwu, Dip, AA, B.A, M.A, M.E.M, D.C.ED, PhD.
Director of Graduate Studies

Rev. Dr. Kalu Odo, Dip, B.A, MLS. M.P.S, D.P.S.

Mrs. Marriet Evbota, ND, B.Ed, M. CE, HND.
Director of Distance Learning,

Institutional Advancement

Dr. Becky Joseph, B.CE, M.CE, D.CE
Director of Admissions,

Dr. Kennedy O. Edegbe BA (English& Lit) PGDE, M.A, Dr. (English)
Director of Studies

Dr. Stanley Edobor,
Director of Academics

Eraikhuemen Odia Lawrence, B.A, B. Th, B.Sc (Accounting)
Obinna David Okike, B.P.S
Director of Finance,

Rev. Chukwu Ogbonnia Joseph
Director of Undergraduate Studies,

Pius Idahosa Franco Dip, AA, B.Th.
Director of Library Services,

Odia Lawrence Faith, B.Sc, B.A.CC
Director of Marketing

Student Services
Rev. Goodnews Nguese, B. E.M, M.E.M
Director of Student Services


1)    Rev. Dr. A. O. Osaghea   (Chairman)
2)    Rev. Dr. Ben Golley       (Vice-Chairman)
3)    Rev. Dr. Godstime Evbota – Founder
4)    Rev. Dr. Jude Ighavuongbe – Member
5)    Dr. Kennedy Edegbe – Member
6)    Rev. Kehinde Okungbowa – Member


1)      Dr. Emmanuel I. Uchechukwu, Dip, AA, B.A, M.A, M.E.M, D.C.ED, PhD.
2)      Rev. Dr. Jude Ighavuongbe, B.Min, M. Ed, D.D
3)     Dr.
Kennedy O. Edegbe, BA (English& Lit) PGDE, M.A, (English)
4)      Rev. Dr. Kalu Odo, Dip, B.A, MLS, M.P.S, D. Min.
5)      Ehigumwenma Joel Napoleon, B. E.M, M.E.M, D. E.M
6)      Kehinde Okungbowa, BA, B.Th. M.R.E
Dr. Edobor Omogiade, B.A, B.Th, M.E.M
8)      Rueben Emagha, BA, B.TH, M.Th.
9)      Mrs. Marriet Evbota, ND, B.Ed, M. CE, HND.
10)    Orobor Anderson
11)    Edobor Stanley, Dip, B.Sc (ED), M.Sc.11)
12)    Mba Eme Chijioke, B.A, B.Th.
13)    Pius Idahosa Franco Dip, AA, B.Th.
14)    Dr. Igbeta Smart Pully Onwumejo, N.C.E, B.C.Edu., M.C.Edu
15)    Nwabueze Simonpeter Harrison, B. Th,
16)    Chukwu Ogbonnia Joseph, B.C.Edu, M. C. Edu.
17)    Ehigiator Godknows Austin, B.Th, M. Th.
Onadeji Daniel, B.Th, M. Th.
19)    Andrew Obazee, B.PS, M.PS
20)    F.O Omijie, B.A, B.TH. P.G.DE
21)    Andrew Obazee, B.Sc, B.P.S
22)    Misheal Ahuose Charles, B.Sc, B.A, B.TH


Because of the modular from of its advance programmes, the school has engaged adjunct faculty members from leading schools both from within Nigeria, United Kingdom and United States of America. These programmes are in a continual process of improvement, and therefore we cannot give a comprehensive list of participating faculty.

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