Welcome to the STWBC Online Registration System!

It takes minutes to complete our online expert registration form, and less than a seconds your personal profile to be created


- Use a valid email for your registration.
- Upload a standard passport preferable white background (Size not more than 300x300)
- Upload signature with white background (Size not more than 300x300)
- If you started and did not complete your online registration, you are advised to restart the process again.
- All fields are required to submit your application.
- Review/validate the information you entered before clicking submit button.
- Your registration will not be submitted unless you agree by ticking the pledge declaration button and then click submit.


1. Click Enter Payment PIN link then enter your PIN and and click continue.

3. When you are through with filling the form, click on continue button and this will show in details all the information you have provided; if there is any mistake, click the back link to go back and make correction thereafter you can click submit button.