Admission for 2019/2020 session is open. Applicants are invited to apply now.

STWBC offers Diploma, Bachelor and Post Graduate  in Biblical Studies, Pastoral Studies, Theology, Divinity, Christian Counseling, Evangelism & Missions, Christian Education.

Admission into the College is dependent upon scholastic attainment, Christian character, and ability to benefit by the programs that are offered in the Bible College. The College welcomes applicants who have a genuine desire for a Bible College education and who possess character traits which will enable them to fit properly into a Christian collegiate environment.

Those intending to enroll in Spread The Word Bible College must file an application for admission with the Director of Admissions. This application must be made on the official form provided by the College. All data, forms, transcripts, and Reference forms required must be completed in the period of the first ten days of the semester. All entrance requirements must be met by applicants.

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